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Description & Benefits

Jamaican Peritol Pills is a popular weight gain tablet used among many Jamaicans to stimulate appetite and quickly gain weight.

As expected, Peritol works in different ways on different body types. Therefore, Peritol will work on the fat around the butt, and lower hip and thigh areas. This will cause your butt to gain inches. Peritol will add fat evenly all over for other persons. In some women, their breasts and thighs grow along with the glutes/butt. 

Suitable for adult use only, not suitable for children!!!

How to use:

  • Take one Peritol twice per day just before meal for effective results and watch your body reshape itself. Peritols work different ways on different body types.
  • For some persons Peritols work on the fat around the glutes (butt), and lower hip and thigh areas. This makes your butt gain inches. For others Peritols adds fat evenly all over.
  • In some women their breasts and thighs grow along with the glutes/butt.
  • Do not take Peritols for over 12 months at a time unless you are trying to gain weight. After the butt and thighs grow then the other body parts will follow suit. You can take it for 6 months or less if you have reached your desired goal before then. You can resume taking Peritols after another 6 months to a year’s rest or whenever your weight seems to regress.
  • For best result in gaining weight in the butt do glute exercise and drink protein shakes while taking Peritols. The glute exercise will help you to achieve beautiful shaped buttocks and the protein shakes will provide nutrition for growth.
  • Each tablet contains 4mg of Cyproheptadine Hydrochloride BP.

What are the side effect:

The main side effect of Peritol is its ability to cause drowsiness and sedation. This action makes driving vehicles and operating machinery dangerous. In addition, drowsiness goes into the next day morning and makes waking early morning difficult.

The ingestion of alcohol and the use of sedatives should be avoided.

Peritol can cause weight gain due to its ability to increase appetite. In addition, using Peritol to induce appetite in a patient with underlying disease (cancer) without investigating the cause for loss of appetite can be dangerous.

Advice & Recommendation:

Take the tablets at the same time each day for best result. If you take it at 1pm on Monday, try to take it the same time on Tuesday so your body get use to taking it and you will feel less tired using it has the days goes by. 

Important Notice:

We will send out the pills to you in secure packaging, it doesn't come in the original packaging container, If you wish to purchase 1000 (wholesale) which will  come in the original container. Email us and we will get back in touch with you: 

We have given you full instructions on how to use it. Enjoy!!

This is a authentic Peritol Pills from Jamaica, 100% Guarantee!!💖

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