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Live It Loud, 22 inches Glamorous Curl


Description & Instructions

Achieve catwalk looks with a volumising hair piece.
This pre-styled, ready to wear hair piece has a natural soft touch and is light and easy to attach.


  • ​Wear as a hair piece or ponytail
  • Premium quality high-heat fiber
  • 22 Inches long, Glamorous Curl
  • Performs like real human hair
  • Soft and natural to the touch
  • 250g volumising hair pieces

​Application: 5 Minutes

Leaving the fringe and front loose, section and take your natural hair and style into a low bun.  Place your hairpiece over your own hair and secure with the clip from the nape of the neck to the crown of your head.  Check your hair is hidden within the lace cap the hairpiece feels secure.  Ensure you blend the hairpiece into your own hair by brushing it through.  

What is Balayage Colour?

Whilst Balayage is not a new colour technique, to the very best of our knowledge it is unique to us in hair pieces. Balayage is a difficult technique to master in the hair salon with only master hair colourists attempting this technique. That said the great British hairdresser is the best in the world.

The Balayage colouring technique allows the hair colourist to create a very natural looking hair colour with a soft multi-tonal natural appearance, the colour is applied on the surface at the crown and mid-lengths and is not saturated through the entire section until the ends. We have utilised this method to create a unique, natural looking Balayage/Ombre hair piece.

Balayage can work well on both light and dark hair and the resurgence of this style is being driven by A-List celebrities such as the beautiful Rihanna seen wearing it at the Grammy's (see image left).

As it is 250 grams, it's the fullest 3/4 hair piece in its class

Live it Loud volumising hair piece simply clips over your own natural hair to give you gorgeous long, layered hair in seconds. Wear as a hair piece or a ponytail, seamlessly blending into your own hair.

Available in two ready to wear styles 22” straight or 22” glamorous curl

Both with a durable lace cap which prevents shredding. Premium quality high-heat fiber can be heat-styled up to 180 degrees so you can straighten, curl and style any way you want.

Instant Length and Volume

Performs like a full head of weave hair extensions at a fraction of the price. Be your own celebrity stylist using our Live it Loud volumizing hair pieces.

Extra Long Celebrity Style in 5 Minutes or Less!!

Developed as a low-cost, high-quality alternative to long human hair extensions the Live it Loud straight hair pieces provide instant length and volume faster and cheaper than clip in’s or weft.

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