Sleek Hair

Fashion Idol 101 Clip-on 5Pc



Fashion Idol 101

100% Premium tongable fiber with a soft, natural touch and great curl retention. Performs like human hair, Fashion Idol 101 is made of natural 101, a high-tech fiber recently developed which performs remarkably like human hair.

How It Works:

  • Heat style up to 200°C.
  • Stronger and longer lasting.
  • Curls retain their shape.
  • Soft touch like human hair.
  • More affordable than human hair.

Curling Instructions: 

(Electric iron is recommended)

  • Set the temperature from 150-200 degrees
  • Gather five fingers full of hair
  • comb through and apply your normal curling sprays
  • Curl the hair for about 20 seconds
  • Hold the curl shape in your hands for 20-30 seconds until it cools

Your Guarantee

For hygiene purposes your guarantee is void if you wear the hair. Please do not remove these Fashion Idol 101 clip in hair extensions from the backing card. If you remove the gold or silver security bands which secure the hair to the backing card we will assume that you have worn the hair and your guarantee will be void and you will not be able to return the hair for a colour swap or refund. Please note that you can slide the hair (whilst secured to the backing card) out of the packaging from the top to check the colour and quality of the hair.

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