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Echo Unprocessed Virgin Remy

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Unprocessed 100% Virgin Remy Hair

Echo Unprocessed Virgin Remy is made of Pure Remy Virgin hair. It is perfect for bleaching, dyeing, perming or styling. 

Long-Lasing Wear - Shed-Free Weft innovation - Excellent Results With Hearting Tools - Only The Healthiest Remy Hair Is Selected - Stays Healthy After Colour Treatment - Able To Perm With Great Results - All Natural Remy Hair💚

Essential Information:

For best result please consult with professional hairstylist before bleaching or dyeing our hair since the process may irreparably damage the hair.

Bleaching or colouring the hair repeatedly can cause serious damage to the cuticle.

We do not recommend bleaching or dyeing Natural Black hair as you will not achieve your desired colour.

Before bleaching, colouring or perming be sure to test a small section.

Care Instructions:

  • Use wide tooth comb for everyday care or to untangle.
  • To prevent overnight tangling, we recommend tying your hair and wearing satin or silk sleep cap.
  • Your air should be completely dry before your sleep.

Washing Instructions

  • Carefully comb with wide tooth comb or brush down with your fingers
  • Use mild shampoo and warm water.
  • Gently squeeze water and pat with towel.
  • Do not over squeeze or roll intensively with towel.
  • Air dry or use heat to dry hair

Your Guarantee

For hygiene purposes your guarantee is void if you wear the hair. Please do not remove these Echo Unprocessed Virgin Remy hair extensions from the backing card. If you remove the gold or silver security bands which secure the hair to the backing card we will assume that you have worn the hair and your guarantee will be void and you will not be able to return the hair for a colour swap or refund. Please note that you can slide the hair (whilst secured to the backing card) out of the packaging from the top to check the colour and quality of the hair.

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