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Echo Remy Platinum Weft HH Extensions 150g




100% Ultimate Remy Hair 

Luxury Celebrity Hair


Thank you for choosing the Remy Platinum for our Remy hair. Only young, healthy hair is selected. Each strand of the Remy Platinum products is handpicked to ensure that the cuticles are aligned in one direction, also each strand of hair is handled with the utmost care is handled with the upmost care.

Cuticle Alignment 

Cuticle alignment eliminates all harsh chemical treatments that typically cause tangles and breakage. By eliminating harsh chemical treatments the hair remains thicker, stronger and healthier. This is how we make Remy platinum so smooth, bouncy, maintenance-free, tangle-free, naturally lustrous, long lasting and easy to curl.

Care Instruction

Using warm water, wash hair with a mild conditioning shampoo. Rinse hair with warm water, after washing starting from the bottom, gently brush hair, using a downward motion and gradually move up until all of the hair is brushed. Do not begin brushing from the top or the middle, the hair will tangle and become damaged, use a towel to dry the hair or let it dry naturally away from sunlight. Use blow dryers or hot hair dryers, do not sleep with wet hair.

Your Guarantee

For hygiene purposes your guarantee is void if you wear the hair. Please do not remove these Echo Remy Platinum Weft hair extensions from the backing card. If you remove the gold or silver security bands which secure the hair to the backing card we will assume that you have worn the hair and your guarantee will be void and you will not be able to return the hair for a colour swap or refund. Please note that you can slide the hair (whilst secured to the backing card) out of the packaging from the top to check the colour and quality of the hair.

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