Crochet Hook for Micro Loop / Ring / Bead Hair Extensions (3pcs)



Feme offers a wide range of accessories to complement our weaves, wigs & braids. Our Fusion Needles are perfect to attach micro beads to the wearers hair- a must tool for hairdressers. 

Micro Bead Crochet Hook specially designed for Hair Extensions and for use with the micro bead technique.


Use the crochet hook to add the micro beads into the hair: 

1. pull the ring on the needle
2. pick a small section of the hair with the hook 
3. close the hook
4. pull the ring into the hair strip
5. feed the hair extensions to the links
6. tighten with the micro ring plier. 

To remove the beads and the hair extensions; use the same plier tool to loosen the link and carefully remove.


  • Aluminum & Wood (handle)
  • Easy to use
  • Light and durable

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