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Brown Hair Extension Clips (50pcs)



Hair extensions can be a great addition to any hairstyle, but it can be a little confusing and frustrating when they come without wig clips. Thankfully, all you need are wig clips and some basic sewing skills and you can attach the extensions yourself!

Instructions & Care

Quantity Per Bag: 40 Pieces (Medium Size)

To be attached to weft to allow hair extensions to be clipped into hair.
Can be used on any weft, this size is recommended for normal and thick hair types If you have fine hair or tiny hair, I would recommend you try to search for Fine Hair Extension Clips

How to use:

Style your hair as desired in simple steps:

Step 1: Using your fingers or a comb, section your own hair at the nape of your neck, take the smallest piece and apply; open the clips and place securely onto your own hair snap shut

Step 2: Release your own hair and then section it further up your headband, apply the net piece snapping the clips in securely onto the root of your own hair. For an extra secure hold, apply hair spray to the root of the hair and backcomb gently to create a more secure base.

Step 3:  Release your own hair and then section it again directly above for the final piece. Place the final piece into position snapping the clips securely onto root of your own hair.

Step 4: Release your own hair ensuring all clip-in pieces are covered.


Enjoy!! 💖

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