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X-Pressions Ultra Braid

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Dubbed the ‘Original African Braid’, X-Pression is famed for its generous length, volume, versatility and affordability. The latest addition to the range of celebrated authentic ethnic style plaits is Kinky Braid – the king of kinky braids – which has been designed to create distinctive, thick and superlight hairstyles.

Essential Info


Type of hair: 

100% Kanekalon Packs used for full head: 3-5 depending on desired fullness and style.


Customers can mix and match colours, lengths and textures to achieve a unique look to suit their individual taste.

Quick Facts:

  • Made with Synthetic Fiber
  • Bulk braiding with more weight and length than standard brands
  • Braids can be hot water set
  • Super soft, lightweight and tangle free
  • Ultra Braid is suitable for all braiding styles
  • Kinky Braid includes thick and soft strands but with a super light feel. This braid offers exciting styling options
  • Rich Braid encompasses big volume with a smooth texture. Suitable for all braiding styles



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