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Dessata Mini Hair Detangling Brushes



Dessata Mini Hair Detangling Brushes  

Dessata hair brushes gently disentangle without pulling or breaking your hair. Our detangling brush is effective even on unconditioned dry hair!

There's a multitude of reasons why your hair or your children's hair will become tangled but when it does the Dessata Hair Detangling brush can help speed up hair brushing and reduce the discomfort of brushing tangled hair. Your Dessata hairbrush has been manufactured with a special gel which bends and flexes determined by the amount of resistance it meets during stokes through your hair. It's also engineered to meet the curvature of your scalp allowing the non-abrasive gel bristles to be a gentle as possible even on the most sensitive scalp. 

The longer your hair, the more likely you are to suffer from hair tangles. Also, long coloured or chemically treated hair is likely to tangle because the cuticle layer has become open and acts like Velcro. Using a high quality conditioning treatment will help to fill the gaps in the cuticle layer allowing the hair to move without tangling. Using a Dessata detangling hairbrush in conjunction with a good conditioner will help you in your quest for easy to manage hair💖

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